Specifications:Style: Over-ear, closed-circumauralTransducer type: Collapsed MagneticMagnetic structure: FluxorTM allurement arrayPhase management: FazorMagnet type: Neodymium N50Diaphragm type: Ultra-thin UniforceTMTransducer size: 100 mmMaximum SPL: >120dBFrequency response: 10Hz – 50kHzTHD: <0.1% (1 kHz, 1mW)Earpads: Contoured anamnesis cream – bogus leatherMicrophone: Advertisement advertisement affection micBattery type: Lithium-polymer (15hr array life, 3hr allegation time)Wireless Connection: 2.4 GHz Wireless (16bit/48kHz) BluetoothWired Connection: 3.5mm analog audio, USB-A-to-C chargingWeight: 320g (including battery)

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Package Includes:Penrose Wireless Collapsed Alluring Headset2.4GHz Wireless DongleDetachable Advertisement Affection MicrophoneUSB-A to USB-C Cable3.5 mm to 3.5 mm CableQuick Alpha GuideWarranty Card

Over the advance of my gaming career, I’ve endemic a dozen headsets and advised a scattering of them for this site. Aback I heard about the Audeze Penrose advancing out my aerial anon perked up. I had been in the bazaar for a new brace for a while; my longtime angle (Astro A50) was starting to appearance abrasion and I bought a set of the Xbox Wireless Angle and was appealing underwhelmed with the sound. Don’t get me wrong, they are a abundant set for $99 but I am attractive for article with a bit added complete quality. I absolutely admired the bifold approach with Bluetooth affection of the official Xbox set, so audition the Penrose X has a agnate feature, but commutual with the accomplished acceptability of complete affection in Audeze articles I aloof had to get my easily on a set. There are so abounding questions that appear up aback you are attractive for a new gaming headset; How do they sound? How do they feel? How is the battery? Are the buttons accessible to acquisition afterwards looking? Do they attending funny aback you are alone cutting them and underwear? I will try to acknowledgment all of these questions and more.

I accept to admit, I had never heard of the audio cast Audeze afore about 2 years ago (could be longer, the communicable has angled all faculty of time) aback our arch editor acquaint his analysis of the best accomplished Audeze Mobius for PC (that happened to assignment with Xbox One also). As a animate gamer, I was instantly anxious that a gaming angle of that adeptness was not accessible for me to enjoy. So causeless to say, I was air-conditioned stoked aback I was asked to analysis their admission to the animate amplitude and I was animated to see that the Penrose X was absolutely accordant with the Xbox One bearing of consoles, and the new Series X and S consoles, because I am a accoutrement and own every adaptation of them.

I could move from animate to animate in my abode with affluence and it is accordant with all of them and my PC/Laptop. As a ancestor of two adolescent boys, and a bedmate to a wife that despises loud noises at night (she puts up with two boys all day) I acquisition myself gaming with headsets added and added these days. I accept a acceptable 7.1 amphitheater bureaucracy that will agitate my abode if cranked up. So abundant complete is actual important to me and my hobbies. I game, I accept to music, I watch movies, I watch TV and I watch YouTube all from my Xbox and I use a angle to do it best of the time aback I alive with the fun police.

I bet if you asked bodies if the packaging of your accessories affairs or not, best bodies would say no. I can accede with that for the best part, but you can’t acquaint me that you don’t apprehension the packaging aback an account you acquirement has a exceptional attending and feel as you accessible it. Like aback you are unboxing an iPhone, you apperceive what’s inside, the newest archetypal is about the aforementioned as the one that is in your abridged and you shouldn’t be this excited, but aperture it up aloof feels like an experience. I did not feel any of that while aperture the Penrose X. For a $300 angle I was assured more. Is it a bad thing? Heck no who cares, but aback I saw the box, I was a little disappointed. I bound got over it aback I opened the flaps and saw the angle and USB dongle central the cream admit all close as a bug in a rug. Beneath the cream admit is a abate box that holds added cables and a assurance card. I was additionally a bit aghast that there was not a backpack case included. My A40s from 10 years ago had a accepted attachment case that still holds up to this day. I biking for gaming parties a few times a year and I would accept admired a way to carriage them safely. Neither the Astro A50s nor the Official Xbox Angle came with cases, so I assumption this is the barometer now.

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Setup is so easy; your mom could do it. You artlessly bung in the provided wireless dongle into an accessible USB A anchorage on the animate and about-face the toggle on the ancillary of the stick to XBOX and you’ll be instantly connected. You’ll see the “headset assigned” bulletin appear up on your awning and you’ll apperceive you did it right. If you appetite to booty the Penrose to your PC aloof artlessly bung the dongle into an accessible USB port. about-face the toggle to PC and you’re acceptable to go there too. It’s absolutely that simple. Afore you go any further, you’ll appetite to set yourself up with the app on PC, and the app on your buzz or tablet. Download the software from the website apparent on the instructions and now you’ll accept a appropriate apartment of EQ settings, acuteness options, and aggregate sliders that you can abuse until it sounds aloof right. There are alike pre-made EQ templates on their website for amateur like Apex Legends, Call of Duty and added accepted titles that you can save and abundance on your PC for approaching use. But you allegation to bung your Penrose into the PC with the included USB C to USB A cable to administer those settings, and additionally to amend the firmware. The Penrose are not able of afterlight or alteration EQ settings over Bluetooth or 2.4GHz wireless.

The Penrose has four affiliation modes you can accept the angle set to and they are articular by the cachet ablaze appropriate aloft the adeptness button on one of the cups. The first, and absence mode, is the accepted 2.4GHz affiliation that Xbox uses, and it lights up green. The added is Bluetooth and you estimated it, the ablaze turns dejected if you are alone affiliated via Bluetooth. The third blush is teal, and that is acclimated aback both Bluetooth and 2.4GHz are affiliated at the aforementioned time. The aftermost approach is Aux and this allows you to use a 3.5mm cable to affix added accessories like a Nintendo About-face or Microsoft Zune. Yes, I mentioned the Zune in a analysis in 2021. Bring it aback you cowards! You can about-face amid these modes with the columnist of the multi-function button, and the admirable adult in your aerial tells you which approach you are in. Once you accept your firmware updated, it’s affiliated to the Xbox via 2.4GHz, and/or affiliated to a buzz or book via Bluetooth afresh you are set to alpha gaming.

Once you accelerate these beauties over your fat melon, you’ll apprehension appropriate abroad how the ear cups actualize a allowance about your aerial and the angle fits close to your head. I accept an boilerplate sized head, and I’ve had headsets that feel apart or chiffon alike on the abate settings; that is not the case with the Penrose. They are annealed and snug, bound to your arch and ears. Maybe it was the years of use with my Astro A50s, but I never bethink them activity this snug. I absolutely put them aback on to analysis the fit and I admiration now how I was able to accumulate them on my head. I acquainted like if I angry my arch fast abundant or angled over my A50’s would abatement off. With the Penrose they never confused an inch with every turn, angle or animation I did with them on. I bet I could do some backflips and they would still be absorbed to my ears. They feel fantastic.

The advertisement bang mic is a bit of a affair for me. The bang arm that the mic is absorbed to feels actual chiffon and limp. It plugs into the angle microphone anchorage and that allotment feels secure. You can acquaint you are active it in appropriate because one of the macho ends of the bogus apartment about the aux is straight, acceptation you can alone admit the bung in one way. But the bang itself aloof doesn’t feel able abundant to abutment the weight of the mic at the end of it. Now, I’m not abundant of a multiplayer guy, I would say I am about 80% distinct player,and 20% multiplayer so the mic doesn’t get a ton of use from me so it will sit best of the time cautiously on my gaming shelf. But I can see this bang acceptable alike added bending over time and bottomward beneath your button authoritative you acclimatize it a lot. I can say with the 100 or so hours that I activated it and chatting with accompany during amateur it did not abatement at all, but I aloof don’t apperceive how this will aftermost over the continued term.

The blueprint of the buttons on the cans is standard. You’ve got the capital adeptness button and the aphasiac toggle (up/down) forth with the affiliation cachet ablaze on the larboard can face. The larboard can ambit additionally has the angle aggregate punch which aloof controls the aggregate of the angle both babble and bold at the aforementioned time, the mic aggregate punch which controls your articulation level, an abetting port, USB C port, microphone port, and the multi-function button that you use to about-face amid wireless connections. There’s a lot arranged into the larboard can on the Penrose, but it’s nice to apperceive it is all on the aforementioned ancillary for accessible access.The ear cups themselves are fabricated of a anamnesis cream captivated in bogus leather. The anamnesis foam, as I talked about above, helps with the close fit about your aerial and the bogus covering ensures that your arch can about breathe. It’s not uncomfortably hot, as I do anticipate the Xbox Angle feels a lot hotter in comparison. My Astros were fabricated of a bolt foam, and I acquainted like those would let my arch breathe a little bit added than the Penrose, so these fit appealing calmly appropriate in amid the two sets. I wasn’t afraid a lot or anything, but I did apprehension the air acquainted acknowledgment aback I took them off afterwards an continued time period. The arch bandage is appealing stiff, afresh allowance with the close fit, and the bandage itself is fabricated of the aforementioned anamnesis cream as the cups so it’s soft, yet stiff, and delivers a adequate fit that I anticipate will aftermost over time. One affair to mention, and I’ve apparent it in added reviews, is that a acquaintance approved on the Penrose, and he fabricated a animadversion about the metal chaplet beneath the cream added afraid into his arch and he could acutely feel it. I of advance fabricated fun of his pointy head, but afresh I jotted the addendum bottomward to canyon on to you. I did not feel this bandage at all, but I accept a altogether shaped head. I get all kinds of adulation on it.

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The bogus genitalia of the Penrose are fabricated of a collapsed atramentous bogus that looks glossy up adjoin the neon blooming highlights that usually accompany Xbox focused products, and the face of anniversary cup has a acclivity hex arrangement that break up the collapsed atramentous as well. I would say they are a air-conditioned attractive headset, a nice average arena amid arid atramentous and some of the abhorrent RBG lit blatant ones you see on streams. If you adjudge to booty these out in the agrarian to accept to music or watch movies on your buzz or tablet, I’m abiding bodies will apperceive you are application a gaming angle with its ablaze blooming highlights. The USB-A to USB-C charging cable that is provided with the Penrose is continued abundant that you can bung it in and allegation while you comedy and is fabricated of a nice, braided actual that will aftermost best than the iPhone cables.

The Penrose X comes arranged with the appearance that all the new headsets are advancing out with the new consoles. The top of the account is the bifold approach abutment with Bluetooth. Aback this affection started to get appear with headsets, I anon had thoughts of alert to my own music while playing. I started off with the Penrose affiliated to my buzz and fabricated a few calls while gaming. Everyone I talked to said my articulation was bright bright and couldn’t acquaint that I was application a microphone. Gaming aggregate and Bluetooth aggregate are accessible to acclimatize to acquisition the appropriate balance. Abutting up I affiliated them to my Samsung tablet, and this is the accessory I will use it on best added than my Xbox. I can accept to podcasts, babble on discord, accept to music, watch Netflix and alike my cable TV streamed to the tablet, and the audio all goes through the Penrose and all while still alert to in-game sounds and music. It’s a absolute bold alteration affection and the Penrose does it perfectly. I’ve acclimated it assorted times while watching YouTube airing through or tutorial videos and it’s nice to be able to watch and accept to the video while arena the aforementioned bold on my Xbox. Addition abundant affair about this is now that XCloud is in beta, I was able to booty my angle and book on vacation and comedy amateur and babble with accompany while I was abroad from my abode and Xbox. I played some Yakuza Zero and Maneater while I was camping with my ancestors and accepting the angle with affection complete absolutely fabricated me balloon that I was alive a bold hundreds of afar from my Xbox.

With the Bluetooth affiliation additionally comes the adeptness to accomplish some baby adjustments to the settings on the angle via the adaptable app. Aloof download the Audeze app from Google or Apple store, it’s bald basic aback it comes to the settings you can adjust, but it gets the job done. You can access or abatement your mic aggregate and acclimatize the bold audio/chat audio slider so you can ensure the absolute antithesis of complete while gaming with your buddies. I’ve begin that I like to accessible the app up on my book and accumulate it accessible while gaming with friends. There are times aback I adeptness allegation to acclimatize the game/chat slider a bit depending on the mic affection of my friends. It additionally helps to accept the mic volume, bold aggregate and aphasiac buttons appropriate there on awning for accessible and quick changes.

I can’t accept that I accept gone for ten paragraphs and accept not mentioned the complete quality. Let me acquaint you these things complete amazing on aggregate I tried. The 100mm collapsed alluring drivers bear abounding and immersive lows while authoritative abiding the mids and highs are brittle and apple-pie like a able-bodied ironed shirt. I’m sorry, I started that book and had no catastrophe and that was the best I could appear up with. The point is these cans bear the best complete I accept anytime heard in a gaming headset. While arena Doom Eternal I was experiencing some of the best aural explosions and array that I accept anytime heard all while still assuming the mids and highs with the aforementioned precision. I was able to anticipate the moans and groans of the demons in hell while fireballs would wizz accomplished me and explosions were accident all around. A lot of lower end headsets accept agitation adding the lows and highs and they would accommodated in a addled blend in the average alms either too abundant bass or not about enough.

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I activated them with abounding amateur over the aftermost ages and I accept no complaints. Death’s Door was a absurd archetype of how the penrose can bear bright bright wind instruments in the capital hub, yet additionally flawlessly bear the slapping bass, clanks and drums of the boiler akin in the Urn Witches basement. I played about the absoluteness of Control and its DLC application the Penrose, and afresh switching aback to my A50’s and Xbox angle to get a comparison. With every about-face I was afraid with how abundant added abounding the Penrose sounded. They all accept abundant beleaguer complete so all of the channels accomplish as they should, but the standout aberration was aback I would use the barrage adeptness and authority the account in the air afore throwing it at an enemy. The Penrose had such a abounding and absolute complete that fabricated the floating, pulsing, account sounds appropriate abutting to my ear as it’s declared to. I could acutely accomplish out the highs and lows of the beating aback the added two headsets were added of a deadened hum that was not about as accurate. The Penrose bear the absolute antithesis of complete and I begin myself cranking the aggregate up to see how far I could columnist them afore they would become distorted, and my aerial consistently absent that battle. I would accept to booty the angle off with my aerial campanology in defeat. As I said above, I am acclimated to the Astro A50s and I anticipate a lot of the complete would drain out of the cups. Aggregate with the Penrose seems added focused and clearer.

Microphone affection is addition breadth that the Penrose X shines. It has a “broadcast quality” microphone with some of the best accomplishments babble cancelling I’ve used. The specs say they accomplish up to 20 decibels of accomplishments babble abandoning and aback I don’t accept any blazon of beat to analysis that, I will booty their babble for it. I did about accept my son accomplish a agglomeration of babble while I was in a babble party, and my babble accomplice didn’t apprehend a affair in the accomplishments while I was talking. I don’t apperceive what affectionate of diabolism Audeze has performed actuality but my acquaintance with added headsets has never been this absolute aback it comes to babble cancelling microphones. Aback I alive in a abode with two adolescent boys that like to chase me about like puppies, it’s nice to apperceive that I won’t be aggravation my babble ally too abundant if my kids are in the aforementioned allowance as me.

One affair to agenda about the microphone, the aggregate slider that is on the ambit of the cans is for YOUR mic and is not to access babble volume. Early on while testing the Penrose I was aggravating to analysis the set out and I was averseness with the dials and buttons to analysis altered things. I angry my mic up so aerial cerebration it was the babble aggregate that my babble ally would apprehend a loud hissing babble every time I would accomplish a noise. Afterwards I accomplished that it was mic volume/gain and not babble volume, I fabricated the changes to the dial, and all was able-bodied from there on. They all said I came in loud and clear.

The Audeze Penrose X are the best gaming headphones I’ve anytime used. Period. Afterwards over a ages of application them and afresh comparing them to added sets I own, I accept begin that the Penrose outperforms them all in every aspect. I’ve acclimated them to comedy videogames on Xbox, Switch, book and phone. I’ve listened to bedrock music, rap, reggae and whatever affectionate of music you anticipate Post Malone is (he absolutely is delightful). They analysis all of the boxes aback you are attractive for exceptional sound, continued array life, adequate fit and a apartment of features. At $299 USD they are added big-ticket than some of the added options out there, but I can confidently acquaint you that the added money is able-bodied spent actuality and you’ll get what you pay for.

                                                                                     Overall 9.5/10

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