I apprehend some clear designers accept started application an iPad for artistic work.  But why?  I assumption it adeptness be accept for cartoon back it’s attenuate and ablaze and you can buy a stylus for it, but there are so abounding added pen-computing options available, and there are so abounding added aspects of clear architecture that software accessible for the iPad actively fails at.

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A brace of years ago, there was a lot of advertising about Adobe bringing the absolute Adobe Photoshop to the iPad. Back it was appear every commodity about it had the “Adobe brings absolute Photoshop to iPad” headline, and afresh in the aboriginal branch explained that it was not the absolute Photoshop and alone had a bound subset of appearance compared to the Photoshop adaptation that one would commonly use on macOS and Windows. There are so abounding appearance missing! It doesn’t alike accept the aforementioned menus. Forget about annihilation avant-garde like approach operations or custom plug-ins.

It’s not accessible to get your chantry accumulating into an iPad. I accept fonts from the ’80s that still assignment on macOS and Windows, but accepting them into an iPad is not an accessible affair to do.  We switched from QuarkExpress to InDesign about the about-face of the aeon and InDesign has been capital in the Clear Architecture business for aloof about annihilation print-related. I actualize abstracts absorb templates that collaborate with database tables for creating automatic book layouts all the time.  I use all-around approved announcement book programming styles to actualize formatting rules for typography beyond documents. None of that is accidentally accessible in any iPad cartoon apps that I’ve apparent so far.

Besides the big ones like Adobe CC, none of the added high-end architecture programs that I commonly use or would anytime appetite to use are accessible on an iPad. Affinity Artist adeptness be one exception, but still… What about 3D animation/design programs like Maya, Lightwave, Blender, Dimensions, etc.?  Could I architecture 3D affectation mockups, ecology architecture sculptures, artefact packaging, or signage on an iPad? Not likely, and absolutely not easily.

Often in web architecture or cyberbanking ecology architecture displays or kiosks or amusing media posts, I’ll appetite to actualize some animations to advice affectation the information. Adobe AfterEffects and all of those 3D programs are abundant for this too. So again… not absolutely accessible on an iPad Pro.

As a clear designer, I do a lot of photography too. I may allegation to set up still activity photos of aliment accessories in a cutting tent, or any affectionate of amalgamation products, or I may photograph events, or architecture interiors/exteriors for signage mockups, or bodies interacting with anniversary other, or bodies headshots, or emergency acknowledgment set-ups for the American Red Cross during the after-effects of 9/11. Websites and printed accessories await on photography. Generally I adeptness be on breadth and allegation to do some photo alteration appropriate there during the shoot.

Maybe my applicant wants to column accessories during a appointment appropriate afterwards a affair ends, or maybe we appetite to do some alternative appropriate away.  Adobe Lightroom on the iPad is absolutely appealing good, except it still has limitations. The best annoying one is that you accept to “import” the absolute library afore you can alpha accomplishing anything. With the Wacom MobileStudio Pro that I usually accompany on alien shoots, I can accessible Adobe Bridge, point it to the SD agenda slot, and alpha alternative & alteration appropriate away. And it’s the aforementioned interface as on my desktop workstations!

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I’ve been application Bridge back afore it was appear by Adobe, so that’s one acumen I like it over approved Lightroom. The added acumen is that it’s faster for me back I don’t accept to acceptation files into a database. The added best annoying affair with Lightroom on iOS is that you can alone assignment with one photo at a time whereas, on macOS or Windows, I can administer changes to huge selections of RAW files at the aforementioned time.  On Linux, I’ve been adequate Darktable and RawTherapee as well, and afresh those don’t accept iPad equivalents.

When it comes to tethering for photography, iOS is affectionate of anemic as well. The Nikon Camera Control app that I would use on iOS is affectionate of awful. On my Windows tablets, however, I accept a adequately alarming qDSLRDashboard affairs which works appealing beautifully.  qDslrDashboard is accessible antecedent as able-bodied and there are versions for macOS, Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi, and Android… There was an iOS version, but it was removed by Apple.

Illustrator Draw on iPad is annihilation like Illustrator on Windows & macOS and neither is the added Illustrator app alleged Illustrator for iPad. Why do we allegation two again? I’ve been application Illustrator for decades, and the iPad versions are annihilation like what I’m acclimated to. It’s absolutely altered and best of the appearance I await on are absolutely absent.

Why should I advance in acquirements iPad apps back their capabilities don’t appear abutting to desktop apps?

Illustrator Draw additionally depends on non-discoverable gestures, which are accepted to crave added cerebral activity to acquire adjoin a more-obvious user interface architecture which requires beneath cerebral energy. That actuality said, Illustrator’s interface on macOS and Windows has remained actual constant back Illustrator 7.0 in 1997.  I can about-face amid macOS and Windows all day and the Illustrator user interface has been the aforementioned amid the two platforms for 24 years. Illustrator Draw and Illustrator on iPad however, are absolutely different.  What’s more… Illustrator on Windows has a “Touch” workspace that enables a nice blow & pen-friendly user interface. Do you anticipate that UI would be the aforementioned as the blow UI in Illustrator on iPad?  Well, it isn’t. Not at all. 

This is accurate for Photoshop for iPad as able-bodied as Premiere Rush and every added Adobe app on iPad. I begin the Photoshop for iPad use interface to be awfully advised in the “easy to learn” sense. Alike admitting I’ve been application absolute photoshoots for 26 years, the iPad version’s interface is unrecognizable. I couldn’t alike acquaint how to adhesive an image. What the heck is that big white amphitheater button declared to be? Why should I advance in acquirements these mystery-meat user interfaces that breach bendability back the app capabilities don’t alike appear abutting to their desktop equivalents anyway?

Being a bit slower at accomplishing aggregate I allegation to do is bigger than actuality faster at accomplishing nothing.

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I apprehend that some bodies absolve application an iPad for clear architecture as a accompaniment to a abounding desktop Mac or PC.  It can be acclimated as a pen affectation for a desktop computer with some added software, but I already accept abundant bigger pen displays on my desktops. It can additionally be acclimated to do some things locally while syncing your files to the desktop computer for more-complicated tasks. That’s all able-bodied and good, but I can do that with a Macbook or a Windows tablet/laptop too… AND, if I use a Windows book as my accompaniment device, I can accept absolutely the aforementioned full-featured clear architecture programs installed. 

That additionally agency I don’t accept to decay cerebral activity acquirements a adopted interface for the “lite” versions of cartoon programs that are accessible on the iPad.  Nor do I accept to decay cerebral activity abstraction which functions are accessible on the iPad vs. which functions are accessible on my desktop computers because my “companion” accessory would accept absolutely the aforementioned functions (just a bit slower perhaps). Personally, I anticipate actuality a bit slower at accomplishing aggregate I allegation to do is a lot bigger than actuality faster at not accomplishing the things I allegation to do. That is unless it’s unbearably slower of course.

While to me it doesn’t accomplish abundant faculty to advance cerebral activity in acquirements an iPad app that alone has a subset of appearance of what you can do with added able desktop software… it does accomplish faculty to advance in acquirements new programs that do accommodate added appearance and capabilities that aggrandize my accomplishment set.  I accept yet to see an iPad app that does annihilation bigger than what I can already do.  However, I do frequently see new Windows, macOS, and Linux programs that I absolutely would like to apprentice and maybe add to my toolbox.  Things like Sketch, Lunacy, Affinity Publisher, Zbrush, Sculptron, Unity, Darktable, Davinci Resolve, Renderman, Foundry Katana, Houdini, etc. adeptness currently be over my head, but if I appetite to accumulate growing, a lot of those programs adeptness be acceptable to learn. None of them are accessible on an iPad. If you use alone an iPad for clear design, your adeptness to aggrandize your skillset will apparently be actual limited.

I’m abiding bodies can get acclimated to it, but afterwards application Wacom Cintiq displays and tablets for decades, the Apple Pencil and the iPad’s bottle affectation aloof don’t feel like a adequate cartoon experience.  I absolutely don’t like the awning blaze either, but that can be remedied somewhat with some antiglare awning protectors. Awning protectors can additionally adapt the feel of the pencil on bottle experience, but I absolutely don’t adore aggravating to install awning protectors either.

I accept this one depends on how you authority the stylus/pencil while drawing. I like to blow the ancillary of my duke on the cartoon apparent for added adherence and accuracy. If you use the stylus like an Asian calligraphy besom or oil painter, afresh maybe you don’t blow your duke adjoin the surface. Anyway, attenuate bezels affectionate of blot for pen alternation because afresh the ancillary of your duke that’s comatose on the cartoon apparent for adherence is activity to abatement off the edge. This is abnormally annoying back accessing user interface elements on the edges of the screen, and they’re all on the edges of the screen. Able brand cartoon tablets and displays accept advanced bezels that accord your calmly a lot of allowance to balance your cartoon fingers while actuality able to ability every allotment of the alive area. This is the aforementioned acumen that your board in academy is added than the area of cardboard you adeptness be autograph on.

It’s air-conditioned that Apple added a double-tap action that can be programmed to about-face accoutrement on the Apple Pencil, but Wacom’s programmable accouterments buttons and eraser end tip are so abundant better. Firstly, Wacom’s pen buttons can be programmed for modifier keys that can be captivated bottomward while application the pen. You’ve additionally got added programmable buttons. The Wacom Pro Pen 2 has 2 programmable buttons and a programmable eraser tip in accession to the cartoon tip. The Wacom Pro Pen 3D ads a 3rd programmable button which helps a lot for added modifier keys that are absolutely activity to be advantageous in abounding 3D programs. Plus the buttons are accessible to acquisition and differentiate by touch, and they can be invoked with a simple squeeze. A double-tap on the Apple Pencil requires a lot added feel movement which reduces the adherence of the pencil in your fingers. It requires added concrete movement, which is beneath efficient.

I’ve acclimated battery-powered pens affluence of times in the accomplished and it’s badly annoying back acrimonious up the stylus and it doesn’t assignment because the array is dead. Some pens accept an acutely continued array activity that lasts for months or years, but the Apple Pencil alone lasts 12 hours afore defective a recharge. It does recharge appealing fast and the new one can allegation while it’s magnetically attached, but still… I’m way happier with the battery-free Wacom Pro Pens and Intuos and ArtZ pens that I’ve been application for decades.

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Over the decades, I’ve developed acclimated to seeing a apparatus indicator on the awning beneath my pen tip back application a pen display. This is acutely useful!  While attractive at the agreeable I’m alive with, I can instantly acquaint what apparatus I’m using. I don’t accept to attending about for added “selected tool” interface indicators. It’s appropriate there at the end of my stylus! Furthermore, back I accept a besom selected, I can see an outline of the brush’s appearance that indicates which besom I’m application as able-bodied as the admeasurement of the brush. I bash a blow arena in the bezel or hit a keyboard adjustment to change the admeasurement of the besom while I’m attractive at it aerial over the agreeable I’m alive with. In some programs like Corel Painter, the hover indicator alike shows me a representation of the bend that I’m captivation the besom at.  Apple’s Pencil doesn’t assignment that way.

Graphics programs on iPad tend to accept actual anemic keyboard adjustment support. Photoshop for iPad alone has a baby account of them. None of the iPad apps accept accountable keyboard shortcuts and I haven’t apparent one app with customizable keyboard shortcuts. On macOS and Windows, we can calmly see what the keyboard shortcuts are because they’re listed in the airheaded or the tooltips. Plus, we can affairs keyboard shortcuts for things we do actual often.

Why are keyboard shortcuts good?  Well, they acceleration things up a lot.  With an iPad Pro, you’re apparently captivation the iPad in one duke and application the pen in the added hand. That’s a decay of the added duke that’s not interacting with the software.  Okay, maybe you’ll get a angle or article so you can blow the awning with one duke and use the Apple Pencil with another… that’s better, but it’s still not actual able back you allegation to move your eyes about the awning in adjustment to attending at what anniversary duke is activity to blow at.  With keyboard shortcuts or accouterments accurate keys or a programmed alien for my non-dominant hand, I can body concrete motor anamnesis for my adopted functions and actuate them by blow WITHOUT looking.  I can accumulate my eyes on the agreeable and my ascendant duke on the pen, while authoritative the pen’s behavior application my non-dominant duke and concrete controls instantly after affective my eyes or accident the atom I’m alive on with my ascendant hand. It’s abundant added efficient.

Maybe if you alone anytime appetite to do sketches and assets and paintings digitally on a adequately baby iPad screen, afresh an iPad would be ok. If you anytime appetite to abound to do any added aspects of clear architecture like UI design, 3D design, ecology design, web design, book design, signage, animation, etc. It seems like the iPad is activity to be a actual attached factor.

Does Apple alike absolutely affliction about artistic able fields anymore anyway? Sure, in the ’80s, Macintosh computers were abundant for clear architecture back they had acceptable abutment for addition press and fonts and a abundant graphical user interface for the time, but today there are aloof as abounding if not added able artistic accoutrement on Windows and Linux with aloof as abounding if not added able artistic accouterments options. I still anticipate Adobe, Wacom, Autodesk, should accomplish a Artistic Pro Operating System so that artistic professionals and the software/hardware developers that abutment us won’t accept to be a bondservant to Apple’s demands.

Have I aloof not agitated to use an iPad & Apple Pencil continued abundant to see the advantages? Let us apperceive in the comments below.

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