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IOLS 99Integrated Online Library Systems

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Prepared for the FutureThe decade of the 1990s afflicted our expectations for how admonition casework are to be authentic and delivered. Web technology, arising standards, faster, cheaper computers, and all-around networks accept simplified the charge of admonition while complicating the identification of the best resources. Librarians accept accepted the new technologies, adapting them into the acceptable anatomy of libraries. IOLS 99 will board a appointment for altercation of todays abstruse accompaniment of the art for charge of library casework so that we can be able-bodied able to accommodated tomorrows challenges.The National Online Affair focuses on the abounding online accessories and casework attainable to all online consumers. The IOLS meeting, captivated accordingly with the National Online Meeting, focuses accurately on how these assets are implemented in libraries. Libraries and confined library assemblage are the focus of IOLS 99.

— Pamela Cibbarelli, Affairs Chair, IOLS 99


9:00 a.m. – 9:45 a.m.Opening Plenary SessionModerator: Pamela Cibbarelli, Cibbarelli’s• Sutton Parlor South •

Project URL: A Ability for Able Librarians Seeking IOLS InformationThomas R. Kochtanek, Academy of Admonition Science and Acquirements Technologies, Univ. of Missouri-ColumbiaKaren H. Hein, Academy of Admonition and Library Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Project URL is a aggregation accomplishment which originated during the beforehand of anecdotic cyberbanking assets that beforehand admission to admonition about Chip Online Library Systems (IOLS). A chic of 40-plus alum students, enrolled in a Fall 1998 Web-based alms advantaged Library Admonition Systems, were asked to chase the Web for assets that accord to and beforehand the affair of IOLS. A ample cardinal of sites were initially identified, and a activity aggregation was accumulated for the purposes of anecdotic alike sites and acclimation those URLs articular by their aeon in the class. The aggregation cold was to assay these Web-based sources in abyss with the assignment of abacus bulk and annotation to those sites that met assertive belief of excellence.

The consistent artefact is a meta-site of URLs that credibility to admonition about IOLS vendors, e-journals and e-journal accessories that abode IOLS capacity of interest, and accepted admonition sources that ability be accessed to abutment library professionals circuitous in controlling processes for chip library systems.The completed armpit for Activity URL will board an anterior argument for alpha automation professionals, a comment of acceding and acronyms, links to bell-ringer URLs with value-added commentary, links that board links to bell-ringer Web sites with commentary, and links to e-journals and specific accessories attainable via the Web that abode IOLS topics.

The presentation outlines the accomplish taken in acquisition the Web sites, in evaluating those sites for inclusion, and in abacus value-added annotation to Web armpit links. 

Track A• Sutton Parlor South •

10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.A1 • IMPROVED ACCESS TO PERIODICALSModerator: Pamela Cibbarelli, Cibbarelli’s


In an ambiance of brackish abstracts budgets and ascent serials costs, the accumulating of journals at California Accompaniment University, Chico has been abundantly broadcast through the use of full-text added online indexes. While these indexes accept bigger admission to annual literature, they present bibliographic ascendancy challenges to which acceptable cataloging methods cannot calmly respond. A annual appellation basis to seven full-text added indexes has been developed which includes advantage dates and links from annual appellation to the adapted database. Abstracts acclimated in the basis was provided by the database vendors. The bulk of assignment adapted to assemble the basis was a atom of that adapted by acceptable cataloging methods. The library can acknowledge to changes in database captivation with quick updates to the bounded appellation index. Construction of the basis and its absolute use is discussed, as are approaching enhancements and opportunities the basis offers in accumulating administering analysis.

AUTOMATING DATA ENTRY FOR ONLINE BIOMEDICAL DATABASESGeorge R. Thoma and Daniel X. Le, National Library of Medicine, Bethesda, Maryland

The accomplishment in creating online bibliographic databases from admonition in annual accessories continues to be heavily manual. The Lister Hill Centermost for Biomedical Communications, an R&D centermost at the National Library of Medicine, is affianced in developing systems for automating the abstraction of admonition from biomedical journals to actualize bibliographic annal in MEDLINE. The aboriginal appearance of this activity has resulted in a arrangement that involves scanning and converting (by OCR) the abstracts that arise in annual articles, while keyboarding the actual fields. A second-generation arrangement is actuality advised to scan/OCR added fields such as columnist names, institutional affiliations, folio number, etc. This arrangement will apply scanning and OCR as able-bodied as modules that automatically breadth the scanned pages, analyze the breadth as accurate fields, and reformat the acreage syntax to attach to accepted convenance in MEDLINE. The first-generation arrangement currently acclimated for assembly and the assignment against the architectonics of the second-generation arrangement are discussed. 

11:15 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.A2 • ACCOMODATING VENDOR REQUIREMENTSModerator: Pamela Cibbarelli, Cibbarelli’s


With agreeable and systems vendors allusive for position in the ability administering exchange it is acceptable added difficult to baddest accessories which will assignment finer with added products. The aboriginal footfall to authoritative adapted decisions is establishing a baseline every bell-ringer charge accommodated in acceding of both systems and content. This can be able by establishing an affiliation action and authoritative abiding anniversary bell-ringer has article to action it. Mr. Ellis presents such a strategy, demography into annual the requirements of (and sometimes astriction between) affection agreeable and able intranet integration. Participants will booty abroad an compassionate of how to assignment with both agreeable and systems vendors in a commutual way.

SETTING UP A SECURE PUBLIC WORKSTATIONSharon Yang, Systems Librarian, Rider University

It seems simple to set up a attainable admission workstation. In absoluteness the assignment is formidable. A systems librarian has to accomplish abounding issues afore a workstation can be anchored and fabricated attainable for use. The key is to get new account and ascertain software that can admonition accomplish the goals.Rider University Library, a government archive library, is accustomed one chargeless cable to Stat-USA, a database which contains admonition acclimated heavily by students. But according to the acceding with Stat-USA, the library is bound to one user at a time on the database. No faculty, students, or assemblage shall accept admission to the password. This mandates the use of several levels of aegis and encryption which Rider University able with a aggregate of software including Winselect Kiosk, Keytext, TweakUI, Everybodys Menu Builder. 

12:15 p.m. – 1:45 p.m.LUNCH BREAK – A Chance to Visit the Exhibits 

1:45 p.m. – 2:45 p.m.Workshop •  REPLACING LEGACY LIBRARY SYSTEMSModerator: Pamela Cibbarelli, Cibbarelli’sTamm Sissac, Admonition Systems Librarian, SUNY New Paltz

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This branch identifies and briefly addresses issues circuitous in the action of replacing bequest library systems, including:

Consideration and planning for these issues up-front facilitates a smoother alteration in this awful demanding and ability accelerated process. 

3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.A3 • EXPANDING THE REACH OF LIBRARY COMPUTERSModerator: David Hoffman, Admonition Today, Inc.

DEVELOPING AN INFORMATION LITERACY CENTERYona Jean-Pierre, Admonition Literacy Professional, Bern Dibner Library of Science and Technology, Polytechnic University

In the bounce of 1997, the Bern Dibner Library of Science and Technology acquired a three-year admission from the Dibner Fund to authorize and beforehand an Admonition Literacy Centermost (ILC). The mission of the ILC is to enhance the all-embracing acquirements ambiance of the university association by utilizing avant-garde methods to brainwash and alternation faculty, agents and acceptance apropos new technology. Also, ILC facilitates the universitys declared charge to absorb new technology throughout the curriculum. The Library, in accord with added university departments, uses agenda technology to accomplish admonition added attainable to the university community.

The goals of the Centermost include: (1) Producing admonition bales on CD-ROM on library use for undergraduates. (2) Creating discipline-specific admonition bales on CD- ROM for alum students, which will be custom generated on demand. (3) Assisting adroitness in adaptation of abode actual to CD-ROM and/or army on library server for ambit learning. (4) Mounting account abstracts for specific bookish programs on library server to enhance access. (5) Training and acknowledging adroitness and alum acceptance challenged by new admonition technology. (6) Providing a abode and admission to able ability to admonition agents admission their abundance and capability through use of computer resources. (7) Designing and administering workshops on the applications and use of the new multimedia products.

The Library Instruction Program, currently runs 13 hands-on workshops and abbreviate classes: seven on assorted new technology applications, and six on appliance the librarys cyberbanking resources. Numerous new technology software products, CD-ROMs, and educational videos were evaluated for inclusion. 

MULTIMODE DELIVERY OF MULTIMEDIA INFORMATIONFrank L. Walker and George R. Thoma, Lister Hill National Centermost for Biomedical Communications, National Library of Medicine

Many libraries are appliance the Internet for certificate delivery, not alone for interlibrary loan, but for carrying abstracts anon to the assemblage desktop computer. This has been fabricated accessible through the boundless acceptance of software such as Ariel and DocView. The National Library of Medicines DocView is primarily advised for library assemblage to receive, display, and administer abstracts accustomed from Ariel systems. While libraries and their assemblage are alpha to acquire the befits of new technology, there are still areas breadth improvements can be made. An R&D assay of NLM is developing software code-named HotMed to admission the options for carrying library admonition over the Internet. The HotMed software permits charge of; assorted files to assorted recipients and goes above connected bitmapped images to any multimedia book type, such as blush and grayscale images, audio and video information, and word-processing documents. By accumulation a Java applet for carrying abstracts via the WWW, the HotMed software gives the librarian a new advantage that potentially solves several problems frequently associated with Internet certificate delivery. 

4:15 p.m. – 5:15 p.m.A4 • DISTRIBUTED PROCESSING AND WINDOWS NT: THE IDEAL INFRASTRUCTURE FOR LIBRARY CONSORTIAModerator: David Hoffman, Admonition Today, Inc.John Richardson and Michael J. Frasciello, Gaylord Admonition Systems

Library consortia crave automation systems that abundantly abode the afterward questions:

The change of broadcast action accretion technology has brought the library automation industry to a simple truth: Alone automation systems engineered with an n-tiered client/server architectonics can accommodated the needs of library consortia.

Standards-based broadcast processing is the key to the n-tier client/server paradigm. While some technologies (i.e., Unix) board for a distinct accepted on which to ascertain broadcast processing, alone Microsofts Windows NT supports assorted standards. From Microsofts perspective, the Windows NT operating arrangement is the average bank of the n-tier client/server environment. To absolutely accomplishment the average tier, an appliance charge beforehand Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS). Built-in Windows NT automation systems utilizing MTS are best positioned for the approaching because MTS assumes an n-tier architectonics with the average bank (or tiers) deployed on Windows NT Server. Built-in NT applications are congenital in and for Microsoft Windows NT.

Library consortia because a built-in Windows NT automation arrangement should appraise the systems broadcast accretion capabilities to actuate its account to their needs. Library consortia can assay a vendors affirmation to scaleable broadcast processing by allurement three questions:


Track B• Regent Parlor •

10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.B1 • EXPEDITING AND STREAMLINING THE SYSTEM PROCUREMENT PROCESSModerator: Richard Boss, Admonition Systems Consultants, Inc.Anita Wagner, Gaylord Admonition Systems

A librarian may participate in 4-5 procurements of library automation systems in his/her career. Because the archetypal accretion action can booty 18-24 months, a cogent allocation of a librarians career will be spent in arrangement appraisal and selection. While the accomplish circuitous in arrangement alternative should not be short-changed, how can a librarian accelerate and accumulate this process?

This cardboard offers activated admonition about automation arrangement accretion that can be activated in any blazon of library. It describes ten abiding time-savers, alignment from the aboveboard (make the Request-for-Proposal or Request-for-Information certificate attainable to vendors in cyberbanking format) to the circuitous (how to admission buy-in from your stakeholders). Emphasis is placed on starting the action far abundant in beforehand to abstain a crisis bearings with your accepted system. Because the technology defined in an RFP may be anachronistic by the time you baddest a new system, the columnist offers suggestions to supplement the RFP as the primary apparatus acclimated to appraise systems. An outline for the agreeable of RFPs is provided as able-bodied as admonition about the requirements for bell-ringer demonstrations. The role of library consultants is additionally explored. The cardboard concludes with an outline of the ideal accretion process, starting with the antecedent planning efforts and catastrophe with the advertisement of the accolade decision.  

11:15 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.B2 • USING WINFRAME/MICROSOFT TERMINAL SERVER TO PROVIDE REMOTE ACCESS TO INFORMATION PRODUCTSModerator: Marshall Breeding, Vanderbilt UniversityFrank Cervone, DePaul University

The purpose and functionality of WinFrame/MTS is explained and accompanying to how it can be acclimated to accomplish assets in the library attainable to assemblage alfresco of the concrete amplitude of the library. Appliance a proxy server to board accurate admission to these applications will additionally be discussed. 

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12:15 p.m. – 1:45 p.m.LUNCH BREAK – A Chance to Visit the Exhibits 

1:45 p.m. – 2:45 p.m.Workshop •  AUTHENTICATION ISSUES IN TODAY’S LIBRARYMarshall Breeding, Vanderbilt University

One of the capital challenges in the university ambiance has to do with amalgam the library automation arrangement with the affidavit basement in the campus environment. Unfortunately, not abounding IOLS accommodate abutment for Kerberos, X.500, or added mechanisms for angel affidavit for tasks such as ILL and certificate delivery. Assorted approaches are discussed.  

3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.Workshop •  LIBRARY AUTOMATION — AN INDEPENDENT VIEWModerator: Pamela Cibbarelli, Cibbarelli’sRobert Rowen, President, Library Automation Management, Inc.

This branch provides a clear overview of the present and approaching of technology for the baby and medium-sized school, attainable or adapted library.It includes side-by-side comparisons of the above circulation/catalog systems currently acclimated in these libraries, contempo advances, what is activated and affordable now, tips and tricks that lower costs and advance quality.

Also covered will be: applicable the library activity into the bigger picture; selecting software, accouterments and services; budgeting; and bulging timelines that work. Appliance affordable software to retrieve MARC annal from the Internet will be demonstrated. A advertisement of recommended chargeless and bargain utilities that accept helped alive librarians will be available.

Time will be allotted for questions and answers throughout the presentation.  



9:00 a.m. – 9:45 a.m.Plenary SessionModerator: Pamela Cibbarelli, Cibbarelli’s• Sutton Parlor South •

INDEXING LIBRARIES: PAST, PRESENT, AND FUTUREPeter Scott, University of Saskatchewan

Peter Scott will allocution about his assignment with indexing library assets during the accomplished 9 years. He will blow briefly on his aboriginal index, HYTELNET, which was the aboriginal cyberbanking agenda of Internet resources. webCATS, a accepted basis of web-based OPACs, will be shown. LIBDEX, a new resource, currently beneath development, will be presented. This ability amalgamates admonition from HYTELNET and webCATS, and will additionally board links to library home pages. He will additionally altercate how libraries may admission web space, use online web-creation resources, and download software, in adjustment to actualize home pages.  

Track A• Sutton Parlor South •

10:00 A.M. – 11:00 A.M.A1 • LIBRARY WEB SITESModerator: Pamela Cibbarelli, Cibbarelli’s

NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY’S LIBRARY WEB SITETom Rogers, Director for Internet Casework and Legal Technology, Nova Southeastern University

Nova Southeastern University continues to accommodate technology into the class and library through a claim for laptops by all students. As the World Wide Web continues to aggrandize as a primary admonition administering resource, libraries are challenged to accomplish this all-inclusive bulk of admonition attainable to acceptance and patrons. Tom Rogers will present Novas arrangement for advancement a library web armpit which offers links to over 12,000 resources. This arrangement involves a awful customizable online database which manages and delivers to the user links to assets created on-the-fly based on user input. The arrangement allows for admission for agents to add, modify, and annul links to assets (internal/external) and to analyze the affair or class of the accountable matter. The ability is instantly attainable on all the adapted affair pages throughout the Web site. 


Faced with growing numbers of Attainable Admission Workstations how does a systems librarian accord with the ambagious demands of alone arrangement administration? One able band-aid is to accouter the inherent capabilities of Windows NT 4.0 Server and Workstation software.

With the appliance of User Profiles, User Policies, Registry Settings, NTFS and book permissions, a attainable admission workstation can be configured to action outstanding achievement to the user, assure the agreement is unalterable, and to be so reliable that 99% of operating errors can be adapted by restarting the machine. This agreement enables the attainable account librarians to handle about all attainable workstation problems and frees the systems librarian for added concerns.  

11:15 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.A2 • EFFECTIVE LIBRARY WEB SITESModerator: Pamela Cibbarelli, Cibbarelli’s

LIBRARY WEB PAGES: WHERE TO START, WHAT YOULL NEED, AND HOW TO SUCCEEDHelene Gold, Cyberbanking Casework Librarian/Assistant Professor, Eckerd Academy Library

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Library Web sites are created with one key affair in mind—how to adapt and present cyberbanking admonition to assemblage in a useful, able abode that will not alone augment the user abject of the library, but ensure echo use. The actual aboriginal accomplish Web developers for library sites will charge to booty are chief what to action to your new Web assemblage and audience: operating hours? library accident information? online reference? a Web-based catalog? a basic library? database access? Anniversary of these aspects takes accurate planning and consideration, not alone amid the library staff, but additionally the abounding bodies who ability be circuitous in the conception action (i.e., clear designers, Internet Casework Providers, technology abutment staff, etc.). This tutorial will abode issues faced back architecture a armpit from the arena up (as I accept done in the antecedent year and a bisected for a small, advanced arts college), what software accessories or books will be accessible in autograph HTML and planning a architectonics structure, and accomplish you can booty to ensure the success of your Web armpit (visibility, chase agent inclusion, links from added bounded assets to your Web site, etc.). The two best important aspects of library Web armpit development will additionally be addressed: absolute backbone and a abundant faculty of humor! 

EFFECTIVE LIBRARY WEB SITES: HOW TO ASK YOUR USERS WHAT WILL WORK FOR THEMKaren Diller and Nicole Campbell, Washington Accompaniment University, Vancouver

Librarians at Washington Accompaniment University Vancouver Library absitively to assay the capability of their library’s Web pages to acquisition out if the alignment and agreeable of these pages were advantageous to their advertence agents and patrons. Since the library had bound agents time and account to absorb on this project, the methods acclimated bare to be simple, time able and absorb little cost. Two librarians sorted through the assorted methodologies for testing and called three tests: agenda sorting, class associates expectation, and a abbreviate survey. In accession to testing the accepted alignment and agreeable of the librarys Web site, the aggregate of these three tests additionally approved how the users would adapt the librarys Web pages. This affair will awning the accepted attempt of anniversary of these assay methods, the planning circuitous in implementing anniversary test, and the assay of the assay results.  

12:15 p.m. – 1:45 p.m.LUNCH BREAK – A Chance to Visit the Exhibits  

1:45 p.m. – 2:45 p.m.A3 • DYNAMIC WEB SITESModerator: Marshall Breeding, Vanderbilt University

BEYOND STATIC HTML: CREATING DYNAMIC PAGES FOR A WEB SITE AND A WEBPACPaul T. Adalian Jr., Assistant Dean for Admonition and Instruction at California Polytechnic Accompaniment University in San Luis ObispoJudy Swanson, Multimedia Specialist for the Kennedy Library at California Polytechnic Accompaniment University

Dynamically created Web pages utilizing Access, a database program, accompany a new ambit to developing and advancement a Web armpit forth with accretion the admission to online and book sources through the Librarys Webpac.

To access sources on the Librarys Web site, a Web-based arrangement is acclimated to access a title, URL, summary, subjects, and categories. Ability of HTML is not adapted to add or adapt entries, and all admonition is attainable immediately, appropriately eliminating the best time-consuming allotment of advancement and afterlight a Web site. The charge to alteration files to the server, accession time-consuming and potentially alarming area, has additionally been removed. Once anniversary aspect is entered into the database it can be assigned to any cardinal of categories aural specific accountable guides such as GIS, Maps, Employment Sources, etc. Accountable guides are again cataloged and are attainable from the Webpac as able-bodied as the Librarys Home Page.

When a user selects a accountable adviser from either the Web armpit or the Webpac, all the elements that accept been assigned to it are adopted from the database, presenting the user with a dynamic, accepted advertisement of the librarys offerings aural a accurate accountable area.

In addition, utilizing a database affairs has provided an access to abacus bulk to the sources and casework of the library. For example, the MyLibrary folio and the Abstracts Genie interface gives users the befalling to actualize their own interface of assets to accommodated their different and alone analysis needs. 


Track B• Regent Parlor •

10:00 A.M. – 12:15 P.M.B1 • NEGOTIATION OF CONTRACTS WITH LIBRARY VENDORSRichard Boss, Admonition Systems Consultants, Inc.

Contract agreement is one of the atomic accurate aspects of library automation.  One of the best admired consultants in the acreage of library automation shares his insights into the process. Boss will advance absolute issues which should be included in best arrangement negotiations and will board specific accent to present in negotiation.  

12:15 P.M. – 1:45 P.M.LUNCH BREAK – A Chance to Visit the Exhibits  

1:45 p.m. – 2:45 p.m.Workshop •  INTRANETS: ISSUES AND ANSWERSHoward McQueen, editor IntraNet Professional, and President, McQueen Consulting

Intranets accept become a hot affair amid librarians because they absorb so abounding circuitous issues. The editor of IntraNet Able will board pointers and suggestions for afterwards with your intranet.  

3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.Workshop •  LIBRARY AUTOMATION SOFTWAREPamela Cibbarelli, Cibbarelli’s

Pamela Cibbarelli, editor, Agenda of Library Automation Software, Systems and Services, will contour the arch IOLS software, including appearance and functions of the best acknowledged library automation bales on the exchange today and user achievement ratings for abounding of the packages. 


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