A 404 absurdity folio is one you rarely want your website visitors to run into. Especially aback they’re aloof accepting to apperceive your brand. 

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While it’s absurd to completely stop that from happening, what you can do is to ensure that your 404 folio doesn’t give them a bad consequence of your business.  

Better yet? Your absurdity folio could leave your admirers with a smile and aplomb that they are, afterwards all, in the appropriate place. 

How’s that possible? That’s what you’ll acquisition out from this article. 

Below, we’re featuring some of the best absorbing 404 pages we’ve apparent on the web forth with able comments from adolescent marketers who we’ve accomplished out to for help. 

But first, let’s flash some ablaze on what 404 pages are.

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A 404 folio is a web folio that users see aback their appeal generates a 404 absurdity – an HTTP cachet cipher advertence that the folio they were aggravating to reach couldn’t be begin on the server. 

Most often, users see 404 pages because they’ve either typed in the amiss URL abode or clicked on a burst articulation that leads them to a folio that doesn’t exist. Addition acumen for this could be that the website buyer absitively to abolish the folio or confused it elsewhere, but forgot to alter it to a new URL.

While best 404 pages artlessly acquaint users that the agreeable they’re attractive for couldn’t be found, abounding marketers accept to accomplish their absurdity pages fun and agreeable to visit. 

That said, let’s now attending at some of these alarming examples of 404 pages web forth with some insights from marketers that advised them. As you’re about to see, they’re all about alteration the poor chump acquaintance and retrieving absent visitors through some creative, fun, and alarming tactics.

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The best allotment of their 404 pages are the decision that fits appropriate in band and accent with the website. 

The website shares music tabs and area music (written forms of acquirements how to comedy songs), either through able affidavit and notation, or by user submissions. All of which are reviewable so a user can see which one is advised high-quality, and accord their own acknowledgment on accurateness (or inaccuracy). 

They accept exceptional add-ons to see added of the able content, including how-to videos and step-by-step guides, alike “official” tabs so a user can apprentice the accurate absolute way a assertive song (or apparatus in a song) is played. 

Their 404 pages rotate, from a guy arena guitar and jumping off an amp to attending air-conditioned (and falling) to addition guitarist aggravating to appearance off by accepted his guitar about his close and accepting it fly off date (and likely, accepting broken). 

Key takeaways: 

404 pages usually breach the captivation of the site’s experience. The 404 folio from Wizarding Apple manages to accumulate it – and absolutely masterfully so. 

First, there’s an angel of Harry’s first-time use of the Floo arrangement to travel. It’s the time he got absent and instead of landing in Diagon Alley, he anguish up central a aphotic wizard’s boutique (Borgin and Burkes) in some adumbral aback street. 

This angel is abounding of clues for accurate Harry Potter fans, the cast of which are best acceptable to be begin browsing the Wizarding Apple website. 

Second, there’s a catechism beneath that says “Oh dear, are you lost?” “Oh dear!” is commodity Mrs. Weasley tends to say a lot aback she’s abashed and absent about something, and of course, Mrs. Weasley is advanced and centermost in this image, accompanied by best of her family. 

So, the immersion acquaintance is kept and this 404 folio about seems like it’s an basic allotment of the site, like the user is declared to be there. 

Finally, there’s a button at the basal that says “Back to the Wizarding World” which. Ironically, slightly break the captivation because it makes it assume like actuality on that folio is like actuality abandoned in the Muggle world. 

Which as I declared aloft doesn’t feel like it at all:)

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Key takeaways: 

Instead of resorting to a all-encompassing 404 architecture and copy, the all-embracing fast-food chain’s 404 folio shows their brand’s personality to the fullest. The archetype is abounding of aliment puns, reminding the user cautiously that Wendy’s burgers are fresh. The armpit gives you three options – to appearance Wendy’s menu, acquisition jobs, or break and comedy a admirable and simple Wendy’s-themed platformer game that, I’ll admit, fabricated me appetite some nuggets and fries. It’s not a arid 404 folio – it’s memorable, and a absolute archetype of a cast actuality their fun-loving, burger-eating selves.

Key takeaways: 

Though the artistic bureau is best declared as marketing-oriented, its latest website architecture activity was decidedly clever. It appear a folio that automatically ancestor up a ablaze red admonishing with the words ‘this folio is eggstinct’ as activated egg cracks over the screen, cartoon absorption to the babble choice. Ablaze red, the blush of warnings, signifies that this is a cogent apprehension whilst the egg affair harmonizes with Omlet’s name. 

The bulletin is acclimated in agreeable business campaigns too, with Omlet bogus the byword ‘eggstinctly brilliant’ to call its services. The artistic agency’s website says, “Sometimes you accept to able accessible a bad idea, fry it up and serve it with a ancillary of sarcasm.” Looks like Omlet is a artistic bureau with a difference. They booty a accepted affair or bearings and about-face it on its arch to actualize absolutely amusing campaigns that are advised to accomplish bodies anticipate (and laugh). 

Key takeaways: 

Canva is a bright architecture platform, and their 404 folio is absolute simple, yet absolutely engaging. Aback you appointment this site, you can either go to the homepage or break and comedy a addle game. And aback you play, you’re reminded of what makes Canva a abundant apparatus – their templates and the admirable designs you can accomplish with them. While not advised for conversion, this 404 folio achieves the ambition of actuality a fun and agreeable one. The artlessness of it takes abroad the bind of “where to go from there” and makes it accessible to go aback to the homepage and abide designing. The things I’m not a fan of actuality is the hardly bromidic archetype and abridgement of navigation. It additionally seems like the folio hasn’t been adapted in a continued time, conceivably with added avant-garde designs.

Key takeaways: 

Slack is a business advice belvedere that understands the charge of antithesis in life. That’s why their 404 is a absolute archetype of what they angle for. The copy on this folio sounds calm and abating and redirects you to the Advice Center. There are approved aeronautics sections on this page, too. But what stands out actuality is the arcadian activated mural in the background. It’s a arresting arena abounding with butterflies, flowers, and rainbows. What’s added – it’s interactive. You can analyze the arena from larboard to appropriate and “pet” the chickens and little pigs you encounter. It’s absolutely one of the best abatement 404 absurdity pages out there.

Key takeaways: 

In a apple bedeviled with scrolling, your website’s basal footer is prime absolute estate.  

I adulation that Airtable hasn’t reinvented the caster here with their 404 pages and ashore with aeronautics that they apperceive is accustomed to their customers/website visitors. Offering their barter the adeptness to allege anon to addition is the absolute CTA for “lost users”. Offering abutment advanced and center helps annihilate any negativity congenital up during this action of misdirecting a customer. 

Key takeaways: 

There’s annihilation like a active hot dog to accomplish you do a bifold take! Ueno uses some blithe fun to advice point you in the appropriate direction. And that hot dog is reminding us that the webmasters apparently never got the announcement to absolute the page. Thanks for the laugh, Ueno!

Key takeaways: 

Figma, a bright architecture and prototyping platform, had a artistic access to designing their 404 page. Aback you access the 404, it looks aloof like a accepted absurdity page. But, the 404 numbers are absolutely editable agent graphics, and you can absorb hours on this armpit customizing their appearance and look. Alike if you appear actuality by accident, alive annihilation about the company, you can still amount out what the apparatus is for by interacting with the page. There’s additionally a approved aeronautics bar on the top that will booty you anywhere you appetite to go on the website. The atramentous “sign up” CTA button stands out on this simple, white folio design. This 404 absurdity folio archetype is one of my favorites because of how able-bodied it introduces what their apparatus is all about. 

Key takeaways: 

I adulation this 404 folio because it’s unique, and not like the approved ones out there. 

It has a addictive headline, which prompts anyone who stumbles on the folio to abeyance and booty a attending at the advice on it. 

There’s additionally a call-to-action bidding the clairvoyant to either chase for the advice they charge application the chase bar appropriate abroad or use the aeronautics card on the website’s header. 

They additionally cautiously advance their association page, which highlights how they’re giving aback as a company.

Key takeaways: 

Our dev team absolutely took the time to body an alternate 404 page. I consistently acquisition myself watching it for a few abnormal because it’s fun to attending at and I accede the work. It’s the little things like this that accomplish our cast angle out. 

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Key takeaways: 

The online absolute acreage marketplace, Zillow, makes you feel at home on their 404 page. The action of a cat agilely animadversion over a plant, accumulated with the “Uh oh, commodity broke” is both amusing and cute. It’s aboveboard and lets you acknowledgment to the homepage (or go anywhere on their armpit by application the aeronautics bar). What’s abundant about it is that instead of authoritative you feel balked that the folio is not found, it puts a 18-carat smile on your face.

Key takeaways: 

When a website aggregation is analytic for a specific folio and fabricated mistake, we’ll show them our 404 page. On this page, we’re aggravating to apply absorption on a clear CTA – acknowledgment aback to the home page. At the aforementioned time if a user was analytic for a specific page/feature – he ability acquisition the acknowledgment in our Advice Center. Accouterment two options is a abundant abstraction to balance absent armpit visitors. Furthermore, we’re recording bootless URL paths. It’s one of the acknowledgment channels for us, sometimes it may be a arresting for you what visitors are searching/expecting to see on your site.

Key takeaways: 

The TemplateMonster 404 folio appearance their cast amulet to accumulate it on brand. It additionally distracts visitors from an abominable bearings while assuming some of the company’s personality. Additionally, those illustrations assignment best to accomplish the 404 folio amusing after too abounding words given.  

The abbreviate yet abridged archetype with an centralized articulation encourages the aggregation to go to added pages on the website instead. It makes it clear that the 404 folio is not the blocked for them so they can abide their journey. Therefore, it helps to abatement the animation amount and abortive avenue from the site. Overall, the architecture is simple, straightforward, and avoids aggravating too adamantine to jest.

Key takeaways: 

The GIF chase agent GIPHY welcomes you on their 404 folio with what I’d call as a 3D cool-but-sad cowboy emoji. They could accept larboard it at that, but they chase it up with some auspicious archetype and an amaranthine accumulation of trending GIFs. So, alike if you’re sad that the GIF you were attractive for doesn’t exist, you don’t accept to go anywhere abroad to still adore bags of creations on GIPHY. It’s cool advantageous and acceptable for the user. There’s additionally a chase bar and a button that redirects you to the homepage. The folio doesn’t affection the “404 error” message, but it doesn’t accept to – the ‘oops’ is aloof abundant to apperceive area we are and what’s activity on.

Key takeaways: 

This 404 folio is not an accustomed one, for sure.

When we acreage there, we anon apperceive that we are in the amiss place.  

Bouncer’s amulet presents himself in a rather affectionate situation, and with a funny twist which informs us about that.

Then we are presented with two calls-to-action: 

1) To go aback to the capital page 

2) An emphasized one, of a greater cause – to accept a apache with WWF 

Then, beneath the fold, Bouncer presents links to their latest blog posts, in case we’d like to absorb some time and apprentice commodity added about email deliverability. 

All that is absolutely constant with Bouncers’ branding and accent of voice.

Key takeaways: 

What if you could booty your 404 folio and about-face it into a absolute landing page? That’s absolutely what Sprout Social has done with theirs. As per archetypal 404 folio standards, Sprout Social starts out with one of those bold little absurdity letters advertence that you’re in the amiss spot. However, that’s not what sets it afar from added 404 absurdity pages. It’s aggregate else.  

The aboriginal affair you’ll apprehension is a CTA in the average of the awning administering you to apprentice added about their account through an absolute demo – talk about maximizing your armpit conversions. And if you’d rather accept their aggregation advice through email, there’s a sign-up anatomy on the page for their newsletter. But that’s not the absolute kicker. They absolutely accept their alive babble abutment accessible on the page, so you can allege anon to addition who can get you area you appetite to be! This isn’t absolutely a 404 page, but a abundant archetype on how to catechumen absent souls into advantageous customers.

Key Takeaways: 

NASA has a sleek, professional yet able 404 page. Its archetype (“The catholic commodity you are attractive for has abolished above the accident horizon”) and galactic accomplishments angel is absolute on-brand for a amplitude agency. There’s no gimmick to this page, and you can analyze NASA’s website by beat on the calmly arresting aeronautics bar. It doesn’t accomplish you break there best than all-important and keeps you absorbed in space-themed exploring.

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Key takeaways: 

Without tooting our own horn too much, I absolutely anticipate this 404 folio is an able one. 

The accent and look of this folio matches the new beheld character that we’ve been activity for. You can see it in the blush scheme, the chicken highlight, the fonts used, and throughout the accomplished copy. 

Although this acutely is an absurdity page, we capital our visitors to leave with a smile. That’s why we fabricated use of this comic-like analogy to explain what went wrong. 

We additionally capital to accomplish sure our visitors apperceive what to do next. That’s area the articulation to the homepage came in, along with the attenuate adumbration to double-check if the URL abode they’ve typed in looks OK. 

At the absolute basal of the page, we additionally added some added sections to advice enhance our visitors’ acquaintance (and potentially advance our conversions, too). We added links to our top articles, a link to the folio area the visitors can apprentice added about our features, and the signup page. 

Now, if we capital to added optimize this page, I’d apparently go for a chase bar affection abutting to the homepage link. While it may not be the best for conversions and accepting new signups, I doubtable it’d advance our visitors’ acquaintance by allowance them retype their concern and acquisition the allotment of advice they’ve been analytic for.

Key takeaways: 

It may complete like an accessible comedy for an SEO company, but not all of them accept acclimated their 404 pages as finer as Ahrefs has done here. 

It’s fun, educational, and I wouldn’t be abashed if it converts well, too. 

Since Ahrefs’ website visitors are best acceptable absorbed in SEO, they’ll probably appreciate what the aggregation has done actuality – they explained what burst links are, and hinted that you can analyze such pages on your own website using their chargeless burst articulation checker tool. 

And although the page is missing the elements we’re acclimated to seeing – like a articulation aback to the homepage, chase bar, or added advantageous agreeable – their ambition admirers will best acceptable apperceive their way around. 

Key takeaway: 

Sometimes the artefact you chase for is not there anymore. That’s sad. While best companies accede this actuality and sometimes apologize, Lego on the added duke reminds users that they shouldn’t worry, because aggregate is STILL AWESOME. They additionally accommodate a bright band-aid with the “Start shopping” CTA.

Key takeaways: 

As you’ve now witnessed, missing pages aren’t the end of the world. As a amount of fact, plenty of site owners use their 404 pages strategically. 

Many try to about-face the bad acquaintance into a absolute one – either by abacus a funny bulletin or interactivity to their absurdity page, befitting their visitors entertained. 

Others focus on accouterment abetment – confined visitors the best accessible links, a absolute way to ability the site’s homepage, or a chase bar to advice them acquisition the allotment of agreeable they’re absorbed in and attractive for. 

Finally, there are marketers who use their absurdity pages to addition acquirement and drive conversions. 

Hopefully the absurdity pages we showed you in this commodity will serve as a architecture afflatus that’ll advice you actualize a wonderful, eye-catching, and highly-effective 404 folio of your own. 

Now, if this is the alpha of your adventure and you don’t yet accept a full-fledged website, you’ll account from account our adviser on how to body a website from scratch. 

There, we explain the step-by-step action and the aspects you’ll appetite to accede aback architecture your own armpit – whether it’ll be a able-bodied WordPress website that requires bags of chiral agreement or a armpit congenital with an automatic drag-and-drop architect like the one offered by GetResponse. 

Lastly, if you’ve not yet heard about this new cutting-edge solution, go advanced and watch this quick video overview to get a bigger feel for what you’ll get out of the box.

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