Happy hour at the Siren airport in far northwest Wisconsin. On the ramp, sitting beneath the aerial wings of bisected a dozen 1940s Howard airplanes, a growing, graying, and security-badge-less assemblage is imbibing. It’s an account of sorts. Continued afore he acquired acclaim architecture racers in the 1930s, including the admired Mr. Mulligan, Benny Howard got his alpha in the aeroplane business by modifying a Apple War I biplane trainer to backpack added cases of bootleg for Prohibition-era bootleggers. One actual afflicted chump dubbed it a “damned acceptable airplane,” and from afresh on, Howard acclimated the appellation “DGA” for all his designs.

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The accumulated tipplers are DGA disciples. As the sun sets, added of the best appendage draggers arrive, animation bottomward the runway, and park. Hearty greetings are extended, and it’s cheers up.

This is the aboriginal day of the Howard Aircraft Foundation’s 2014 summer fly-in. The acquisition is an anniversary accident commonly captivated in backward July on the weekend afore the Experimental Aircraft Association’s massive annual accumulation in Oshkosh, about an hour’s flight to the southeast. Howards from beyond the country accept been acquisition actuality for added than two decades, acknowledgment to the alms of Howard enthusiast Al Lund, 84, who lives not far abroad on Stone Lake, alfresco Hayward. Lund owns two flyable Howards, and his aerodrome at the Hayward airport is blimp with abundant fuselages, wings, engines, and altered genitalia to body a half-dozen more. In a brace of days, foundation associates will hop in their airplanes and fly over to Hayward, get shuttled out to Al’s abode for lunch, and afresh ride aback to Hayward airport for an astronomic pig buzz banquet he throws already a year for anybody alike tangentially associated with Howards or his home field.

Tonight on the access at Siren’s Burnett County Airport, best of the airplanes are Howard DGA-15s. Howard Aircraft bogus a lot of them—520—between 1940 and 1944. About all were congenital for the U.S. Navy, which flew them as administrator transports, apparatus trainers, and air ambulances; afterwards Apple War II, they were awash as surplus to the noncombatant market. The arrangement wasn’t assisting for Howard Aircraft; afterwards the war, the burghal Chicago aggregation was asleep and the gain reinvested in an electric motor bulb in Racine, Wisconsin. Benny Howard larboard the aggregation he founded to accompany Douglas Aircraft as a analysis pilot. Aback he died in 1970, Donald Douglas Sr. wrote, “There apparently never was, nor will there anytime be, addition animal actuality as absorbing as Benny, as intelligent, as exasperating, or as lovable.”

Ben Odell Howard was one of those “grease-stained entrepreneurs,” in the words of Time anchorman Paul O’Neil, who abstruse by accomplishing during the aureate age of aerodynamics in the United States—an era of contest and annal amid Charles Lindbergh’s 1927 Atlantic bridge and the aboriginal 1940s, aback aeroplane makers’ shops sprouted in baby towns and air exhibitions drew crowds 50,000 strong. About all of the aureate age entrepreneurs, wrote O’Neil, “had captivated what they knew of aeriform science by tinkering with Jennies and Standards as barnstormers and by building, and risking their necks in, afterwards models of their own.” Instead of enrolling in flight school, Howard apprehend a book on how to fly, afresh bought a buzz Standard biplane and bound comatose it. (His driver died in the crash.) Aback Howard got out of the hospital, he “made a deal,” as he put it, with a flight instructor. He afterwards raced Roscoe Turner and Walter Beech and exhausted them both.

Today, some 200 Howard airplanes abide on the Federal Aerodynamics Administration’s registry, but alone a few dozen are flying. Of those, best accept undergone all-encompassing restoration. Rebuilding aloof a set of wings for a DGA-15—wooden frame, amber plywood, and fabric—can be an eight-month, $100,000 adventure; afterlight the big, nine-cylinder, 450-horsepower Pratt & Whitney R-985 Wasp Junior agent can tack on up to addition $50,000; add to this afterlight the electrical system, rewelding and convalescent the metal-tube fuselage, new acrylic and interior, and a few avant-garde conveniences such as an electric ammunition pump and new radios, and the absolute can arise to $250,000—or a lot more.

“You’d be counting your blessings if you were aloof a quarter-million into it,” says Jim Kreutzfeld of Castle Rock, Colorado. Kreutzfeld has had a duke in several Howard restorations and owns a 1940 DGA-15P. So does his brother Ken, an internationally accepted Howard specialist who owns K & M Restorations in Marblehead, Ohio.

Working with artist Gordon Israel, Howard specialized in very-limited-production antagonism aircraft, the best acclaimed actuality the DGA-6 additionally accepted as Mr. Mulligan, champ in 1935 of both the Bendix ambit chase and the Thompson bays for closed-course racing. In 1936, Howard comatose the aeroplane abreast Crownpoint, New Mexico, during his aftermost amplitude in the Bendix New York-to-Los Angeles race, actively abasing himself and his wife Maxine, accepted as Mike. As a aftereffect of the crash, Howard absent a leg. Best of the Howard Foundation associates who showed up in Siren abstruse about Mr. Mulligan afterwards they became absorbed in Howards, as against to actuality fatigued to the cast because of the racer. As bright as Benny Howard’s history is, his aeroplane still sells because it’s a accursed acceptable airplane.

In 1970, genitalia from the aboriginal Mulligan were salvaged from the blast armpit and acclimated as patterns to body three replicas, anniversary a little altered from the others. The aboriginal comatose in 1977 during a acceleration run over Tonopah, Nevada, killing architect Bob Reichardt. A additional replica was congenital by Jim Younkin of Springdale, Arkansas, in 1985. (Younkin, who invented a solid-state autogyro system, got his aboriginal aeroplane ride in a Ford Trimotor in 1934 and is the ancestor of the backward Bobby Younkin, an airshow legend. He was a kid aback Howard comatose the original.) His replica, powered by a Pratt & Whitney R-1340, took added than 8,000 hours to body and is displayed at the Arkansas Air Museum. Younkin additionally collaborated with a friend, the backward Bud Dake of Creve Coeur airport abreast St. Louis, to body three Mullicoupes, about based on Mr. Mulligan but with the abate R-985 agent and a avant-garde steel-tube fuselage. In 2009 Howard enthusiast Bruce Dickenson of Santa Paula Airport in California congenital a amalgam of a DGA-6 and a DGA-15 that he alleged the DGA-21. Howards assume to allure what ability be alleged a additional bearing of “grease-stained entrepreneurs,” a assemblage of DIYers who backward accurate to aerodynamics afterwards the apple confused on.

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Howard acclimated Mr. Mulligan as the arrangement for a alternation of aircraft advised for the accepted public. The four-seat DGA-8 that emerged in 1936 was the aboriginal in a ancestors that acclimated the aforementioned accumulation but altered engines. Howard awash 18 DGA-8s, powered by the Wright R-760; seven DGA-9s with the Jacobs L-5; four DGA-11s with the Pratt & Whitney Wasp Junior; and two DGA-12s with the Jacobs L-6. Amid 1936 and 1939, the aggregation congenital a absolute of aloof 31 in the series.

The DGA-15 was a altered story. Launched in 1940 and advised to attempt with the cabin-class single-engine business aircraft of the day—airplanes like Beechcraft’s B-17 Staggerwing and the Stinson V77 Reliant­—the aircraft awash able-bodied until the U.S. access into Apple War II, aback the branch began bearing aggressive variants. Howard’s advertisement for the Model 15 boasted of a rear bank with “motor car abundance for three” and a berth with “scientific soundproofing” and “only the finest broad-cloth and leather.”

Frank Rezich, 92, remembers architecture the airplanes that had to alive up to those promises. At 17, he was the abettor to the branch superintendent. In 1940 Howard was a cartel operation, with alone 50 employees, alone authoritative aircraft to adjustment for high-profile barter like Jimmy Doolittle and amateur Wallace Beery. “There was no accumulation line, we did not body on a assembly basis,” says Rezich. “Customers would accelerate a drop and we would alpha architecture an airplane.” Rezich remembers Howard as “intense, demanding, and a perfectionist.” Afore absolution an aircraft for aboriginal flight, Rezich says, Howard would appraise the accuracy of the finish; he’d run his duke over the fuselage, afresh “put his handkerchief on top of the accumulation and see if it would accelerate down.”


“It’s the best ride out there,” says Dennis Lyons, a above American Airlines pilot who prefers the Howard to the Beech Bonanza he endemic earlier. “It’s not as fast as the Bonanza and it’s added arduous to land, but it rides turbulence better.” Lyons and his wife Susan accept endemic their dejected DGA-15P, called Archibald B, for 10 years. Lyons says he can fly it from the airport abreast their home in San Miguel, California, to Chicago with aloof one stop for gas.

“You apperceive this aeroplane doesn’t apperceive whether it’s 1945 or 1995 or 2015,” says Lyons. “Flying beyond Wyoming, annihilation bottomward there, you get the aforementioned activity as the guy who aboriginal flew it.”

“I’m not absorbed in activity anywhere fast,” says Mike Merritt, of Kennesaw, Georgia, buyer of a 1944 DGA-15P, who retired afterwards spending 20 years in the Air Force and afterwards alive as a noncombatant analysis pilot for Lockheed Martin. He’s aureate the F-117 stealth fighter and the F-22/A Raptor, but today he’s blessed to draft forth in his Howard at 130 knots—about 150 mph. For its time, Merritt credibility out, the DGA-15 was appealing fast, with a top acceleration of 175 knots. “And expensive—more than $17,000,” he says. “But it is actual solid. It has a abundant advantageous load—you can absolutely put in four bodies and their baggage and go places. Range with abounding ammunition is about 1,000 miles.”

The -15 has affluence of idiosyncrasies, and landing it is not easy, alike for pilots with lots of tailwheel experience. The capital accessory carrying is adequately narrow, and if you hit it adamantine there is no give. If you don’t attach your landing acceleration aloof right, you’re activity to bounce—rapidly. The alone way to balance is to go about or move your anxiety on the adviser pedals faster than a ballerina on hot coals. The best way to acreage a Howard is to angle up into a absolute three-point landing—much easier said than done.

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One acumen Howards are so stable, decidedly in turbulence, is that there is no ammunition in the wings to actualize an imbalance. The gas is stored in a alternation of three abdomen tanks that collectively can authority up to 151 gallons. The tanks accept to be abounding individually, and beheading a dry Howard can booty up to 30 minutes.  “A arced accompaniment tube is acclimated to get to the top of anniversary tank,” Merritt says. “You accept to pump in the ammunition boring or it will discharge it appropriate aback out at you.” Unless the aircraft has been adapted with a avant-garde electric ammunition pump, on startup you pump ammunition to the agent with a automated “wobble pump.” Merritt recommends landing and demography off with the selector switched to the advanced tank, the one abutting to the engine.

On an clouded morning, Merritt takes me forth for a ride. You access the aircraft through a right-hand berth aperture amid the awe-inspiring rear bank bench and the advanced pilot buckets and cross up the incline. On the apparatus panel, one about-face is apparent “flare dispenser,” signaling the era during which the aeroplane aboriginal flew. Howards could be adapted with an aft blaze dispenser, which aflame the arena beneath for night landings on aphotic grass strips. It additionally started added than aloof a few fires. Says Merritt: “Pyrotechnics and airplanes about don’t mix.”

For a single-engine appendage baiter of this vintage, the Howard is a abundant beast—4,350 pounds—and speeds are college all around—takeoff, stall, cruise, and approach—than those of abounding of its contemporaries. Taxiing ancillary to ancillary for afterimage requires able burke application, as the Howard’s about baby adviser needs a fair bulk of draft over the apparent to beforehand directional ascendancy on the ground.

Peripheral eyes is the beforehand faculty appropriate on takeoff; that is, until the appendage caster comes up at 50 mph and you get your aboriginal glimpse of one of the appearance that makes this aeroplane special: that amazing panorama out the windscreen. At 70 mph, you’re airborne, aggressive at 1,800 anxiety per minute. Afresh you feel a additional feature, that amazing stability: Booty your easily off the bond and it aloof stays put.

Merritt and I arch arctic from Siren to Basin Superior’s Apostle Islands, aberrant amid the bluffs and beaches, cyberbanking about the adequate lighthouses, and adequate the angle from the breeding in the air.


Howard owners all accept belief about how they begin their airplanes and the multi-year sagas of rebuilding and apology that followed. In 2001, accepted Howard Foundation admiral Presley Melton, a courtly, retired casket banker from Arctic Little Rock, Arkansas, begin his 1943 DGA-15P in pieces in Washington state. He didn’t apperceive abundant about Howards; he aloof knew he capital article with a 450-hp Pratt & Whitney R-985 engine. Afterwards the war, the aeroplane had been acclimated by the chic Greenbrier auberge in West Virginia to shuttle guests, afresh had a assumption of owners from Alaska to Arctic Dakota. Aback Melton got it, it hadn’t aureate aback 1975. He had it alien aback to Arkansas. The showpiece apology took until 2010, and Melton advisedly admits he exceeded his budget, but his aeroplane did win the 2010 EAA accolade for Antique Reserve Grand Champion.

Craig Bair aboriginal saw a Howard aback he was eight and visiting the Denton, Texas airport, abreast Dallas. “I thought: That is the coolest aeroplane ever,” he says today. About 40 years later, he feels the aforementioned way. He bought his aboriginal Howard, a DGA-15P, in 1997.

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When his ancestor died in 2000, Bair awash the -15 to accession the money bare to buy his dad’s old Cessna 195. “As a kid, I grew up in that airplane,” Bair explains, and the anticipation of the 195 activity to addition abroad was unthinkable. But, he says, “After I bought the 195, I absent the Howard—bad.”

Bair puts his account in automotive terms: The Cessna 195 is like a ancestors sedan; a Howard, that’s a limousine. He begin his additional Howard two years ago in Arctic Dakota. Although he already ran an aircraft apology business and is a accountant aircraft mechanic, his day job kept him too active to restore the additional Howard himself. He took it to Howard specialist Rick Atkins of Ragtime Aero in Placerville, California. Two years and $400,000 later, Bair is the appreciative buyer of what could be the finest ground-up apology of a DGA-15P ever. Bair and Atkins consulted old Howard brochures and abstracts to accomplish the final artefact attending like the original, appropriate bottomward to the patterns on the map pockets. While anybody else’s aeroplane sat out overnight, Bair tucked his into a hangar. You absolutely can’t accusation him.

Dennis Lyons was at Santa Paula Airport one day aback he saw a Stearman biplane with a big Pratt & Whitney agent booty off, then, not continued after, return. “One of the cylinders on the agent was missing, gone, not on the agent anymore,” recalls Lyons. The pilot had aureate about 15 afar aback to the airport with a butt missing. Lyons remembers thinking, “I appetite to fly abaft an agent like that.” A acquaintance of Bruce Dickenson, Lyons knew about Howards and the big Pratt & Whitney that powered them, and a abbreviate time afterwards he bought one.

Alex Vickroy capital a Howard afore he could drive. In 2006, aback he was 18, he saw an ad for one on floats in Trade-A-Plane. Alex lives in Wisconsin; the aeroplane was in Alaska. He tore out the ad and kept it—for six years—before calling the owner, who still had the airplane. By 2012, Vickroy was a driver airline pilot and had adored a little money. He went to Alaska, bought the airplane, and flew it home. It still looks actual abundant like the alive aeroplane it was in Alaska for added than three decades afterwards accepting the Jobmaster burden about-face and actuality army to a brace of astronomic Edo 6470 aluminum floats. Vickroy brand to fly it to his fishing berth on Basin Superior in Ontario, 40 afar from annihilation and attainable alone by boat…or floatplane.

When it comes time to appointment Al Lund, Vickroy taxis into Lund’s lagoon and parks abutting to his float-equipped de Havilland Beaver. Anybody abroad catches a ride from the airport.

The cafeteria with Al is bittersweet. He’s dying and anybody knows it. In beneath than bristles months he will be gone. He’s mentored aloof about anybody in the Howard Foundation, and they accept appear to allotment a few action and say goodbye. Lund fabricated his affluence in a alternation of businesses, but in his abstraction there is no trace of any of them. He is amidst by memorabilia and photographs of a activity in aerodynamics and of family. The two accept been intertwined as continued as his accouchement can remember. Several of them are pilots and they can’t altercate their ancestor after talking about airplanes. (At this year’s gathering, Al’s wife Lois opened the aerodrome to the club, and the ancestors already afresh hosted the cafeteria and dinner.)

Al tells me that his Howard genitalia backing is for the account of the foundation’s associates and he doesn’t appetite anyone authoritative money from it. He was one of serveral who affiliated money and accomplishment to access the Howard DGA-15 blazon affidavit in 2003, acceptable that genitalia would be accessible to accumulate the Howards flying.

We go alfresco on the accouter overlooking the basin area anybody has gathered. It is a absolute summer afternoon—brilliant sunlight, a few broadcast clouds, and a ablaze breeze. Painfully short, summer in arctic Wisconsin doesn’t get any bigger than this. Al sits down. The radials from the lagoon blaze up. Al’s son Jim taxis out in the Beaver. Vickroy pulls up alongside him in the Howard. Throttles beforehand and the chase is on. Vickroy lifts a float first. Al Lund leans aback in his chair. There is a coruscate in his eye and he is smiling. For the DGA disciples, it is a Accursed Acceptable Afternoon.

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